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The Eagles Are Planning To Violate Poor Nicholas Foles Constitutional Rights In An Attempt To Ruin His Career And Life

Listen I really hate still talking about the plight of Nicholas Foles. I hate talking about the way he’s been mistreated in Philadelphia by the team, the city and the fans. How they turned their back on their Superbowl MVP. How he gave these people their only highlight in 100 years only to be discarded like a used condom. How everybody wanted to rush him out of town in favor of Carson Wentz. How even after Big Dick Nick saved the Eagles season they still won’t give him the respect he deserves. But this latest move by the Eagles is just too much. Now they are actually fucking with his livelihood. They plan on franchising him with the sole intent to trade him. It’s a clear violation of the CBA and his constitutional rights as a human being. It’s disgusting. I’ve honestly never seen a city treat a person who has given them so much be treated as poorly as Philadelphians have treated Nicholas Foles. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach. Come on Philly, I know everybody thinks you guys are scumbags, but you are better than this. I have faith in you guys. You aren’t bad people. You are just misunderstood. Now for once do the right thing and let this man leave town in peace and quiet. Hasn’t he earned that right?