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Ethan Happ Taunting The Minnesota Student Section Was Laugh Out Loud Funny

I didn’t know Ethan Happ had this in him and now I’ve done a complete 180 on the guy. Happ was college basketball’s version of a robot. He’s been at Wisconsin for about 7 years just using a bunch of different old school post moves and bricking free throws.

That’s what Ethan Happ does. He also does it while showing little to no emotion.

But, this? Now this is what I’m talking about. I love when players talk shit to student sections. Fair is fair and all should be judged equally. I mean look at some of these other gems:

This is why we love college sports. This is what you get at the college level. You get 18-22 year old kids dealing with adults and kids their age talking shit. Of course they are going to react. They should react. This is all part of a rivalry. So let them be.