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Gronk Trying To Explain What A Didgeridoo Is To Jimmy Fallon Is His Best Highlight This Week

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone more confused in my life. I mean that was just beautiful, perfect, complete ignorance. In a week full of Gronk highlights, from that 4th quarter drive to the parade, this is my favorite.

But you know what? Fuck the producers of Jimmy Fallon because they clearly tried to set Gronk up. I mean the phrase before him was fuckin “hot mess” and then you’re gonna hit my man with Didgeridoo? DIDGERIDOO FOLLOWS HOT MESS?! That’s a Patriot hating scam that even Roger Goodell would give a golf clap too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.06.01 AM

Furthermore, I don’t know what the hell a didgeridoo is either. It’s just a didgeridoo. It’s an Australian thing that people say in an Australian accent because it’s funny to say. I’m not even sure I knew it was an instrument, a didgeridoo is a didgeridoo. It’s more of a noise than a thing. But, like he always does, when it mattered Gronk reached down deep and delivered in the clutch, despite clear tampering in an attempt to go viral from Late Night producers.

So while it was absolutely a funny clip, let the thing that you remember be that Gronk fucking crushed it again.