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Gronk And Bill Belichick Talking About Partying After The Super Bowl Is Hilarious

I don’t know why but this clip is killing me. The combination of Gronk trying to remember the last time he truly went all out and Billy B using the phrase “stepping out” is just perfect. Belichick has no idea what stepping out means but he saw how excited Gronk was and couldn’t let his guy down in the moment. Two football savants ready to put 8 months of grinding behind them to let their hair down and paint the town red. It reminded me of the time Randy Moss went into Bill’s office and asked him to come to the team Halloween party and the showed up dressed to the 9s as a pirate.

Billy B gets a lot of shit for being morose and a malcontent but when push comes to shove when it’s time to step out no one is more down than the man who has thrown more Super Bowl Championship parades than any other coach in history.