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The Wizards Somehow Just Got The Bulls To Take Otto's Max Deal...Wow

Wow, WHAT? Somehow the Wizards just dumped off Otto’s max contract to the Bulls for two expiring contracts? And a 2nd round pick as well. That’s…that’s unbelievable. My fingers systematically don’t know how to type the following, but…but….god damn this is hard…but Ernie just…fuck….Ernie just did something good?

*Passed out for 45 minutes after typing that*

The Wiz had to clear space because they are paying shit players like Ian Mahinmi way too much money and need to find someone to fill Wall’s void. Otto had a decent year last year and looked primed to break out this season, anddddd he didn’t. Regressed all around.

So now we play the rest of the season out with Jabari and Portis which should be just a hoot.

And of course the big question, are they shopping Beal? It would make sense, but then on the other hand, he’s still young and he’s so young. I vote full tank mode, but I don’t think the Wiz want to do that. We shall see if a team comes from the sky with a deal too good to pass up. Whoever takes him would (hopefully) have to take the Mahinmi contract as well. If Ernie can dump that…well..I mean all he’d be doing is recouping something he royally fucked up, so I wouldn’t really give him props, it’s like cleaning off a wall in your house after you shit on it, doesn’t mean you did something good, just means you finally got around to cleaning it up. No idea why that’s the first analogy that I could come up with, but I stand by it.



PS: Jabari for Otto is as fair of a deal as it gets: