The "Controversy" Around The Nick Jonas/Priyanka Picture Proves, Yet Again, Just How Dumb The Internet Is

ELLE – A too-cute-to-be-true photo of newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is, in fact, true. Chopra went on the Tonight Show last night, where she discussed what might be 2019’s most wholesome controversy. Chopra, who spent Super Bowl Sunday in Mammoth Lakes with Jonas and friends, posted a photo of the couple that showed Chopra had fallen asleep mid-game, perfectly curled up on Jonas’s shoulder. Not a drop of drool or hair out of place!

Some people on Twitter didn’t exactly buy this was the candid moment it was presented as and made fun of how staged it seemed. When Jimmy Fallon asked Priyanka what she thought of the trolling, and she held firm: she’s just a really cute sleeper.

If you were one of these losers that sent Priyanka endless messages questioning whether or not the picture was staged, you’re completely pathetic and should re-think your entire life. WHO THE FUCK CARES if it’s staged or not? Have ya seen Instagram? Most of the people in the pictures look nothing like that in real life. It’s why it exists- to make people feel bad about themselves!

I can’t believe this “controversy” is trending.