Lance Stephenson Had A Reserved Table At Hooters In Indy But Wasn't Able To Go Because Of LeBron

Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers

[Indy Star] – It was Tuesday night at the Hooters on Georgia Street and fans were there because a professional basketball player had invited the city of Indianapolis to join him after his first game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse as a Los Angeles Laker.

“And I’m definitely going to go to Hooters after the game,” Stephenson said with a laugh during the Los Angles Lakers’ shootaround Tuesday morning. “Definitely looking forward to that. Everyone meet me at Hooters after the game!

Alas, Stephenson couldn’t make it. He scored 13 points in 28 minutes but the Lakers changed travel plans after getting blown out by the Pacers, 136-94, flying out Tuesday night. By 10:30, the word had gotten out and Hooters started to empty.

This is the biggest story to come out of Indianapolis involving the Lakers last night. Yeah, sure, maybe LeBron sat in Cincinnati with me instead of with his teammates

But now this play is starting to make more sense:

Lance Stephenson knew he wasn’t going to be able to show up to his reserved table at Hooters. They don’t just reserve tables for anyone. No, sir or ma’am. They only reserve tables for a select few and Lance Stephenson made that cut.

Go look at his quote again. He was so excited to head to Hooters, eat some wings and hang out with the fine people of Indianapolis. They even showed up for him, knowing he’s not a Pacer anymore. Midwest hospitality at his finest.

But what happened? You know LeBron wanted to get the fuck out of Indianapolis right after the game. Shocked he even waited for the rest of the Lakers to show up before a plane headed out. Leaving Lance and his wings and his reserved table out to dry.

I need to go to Hooters with Lance Stephenson more than anything ever before now.