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Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

It hurts me everyday to write my YTD. I am a man of the people so it is 45-51-1 and the hot streak is coming, I know it. The board looks real good but I cannot be betting 8 games a night. I always end up going 3-4 and that would be a good night.


UConn @ Temple -3.5

The only reason I am taking this game is because it starts at 6pm. If you win a early game it sets the tone of your night. I have been wrong on UConn all year because I think that they still have Kemba and I for some reason think they are good. Temple is a good team they have this guy Shizz who is an absolute terror. Ever since I have seen him play I am all over Temple today.

Pick Temple -3.5 

Rhode Island @ Davidson -4

As you know I am very simple minded and I received a dm a couple of days ago about this game. Who in the world has there eyes on a game like this earlier in the week. So once I saw this I had to get on it. I did do a little research on this game because Rhode Island has been my team for awhile now. Davidson is on a tear this season and are really good at home. After my research I will stick with Davidson and they will pull it out at the end. I also think that t

Pick Davidson -4

Extra –

Nevada -13 

Alabama -8