We Have Our First Official Pictures From The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones. Lets Make Some Predictions!


You’re gonna die.


You’re gonna die.


You’re gonna die.


You’re gonna die.


You’re gonna die.

Jon Snow!

You’re gonna die. Twice.


You’re gonna die.

Lady Brienne!

You’re gonna die.

Davos, my right hand man of smuggling on-yan!

You’re gonna die. And sorry about the hand pun.

Khaleesi (with Jon)!

You’re gonna bang because this show loves the fuck outta incest. Then you are both gonna die, potentially while having sex.


You’re gonna win the Game of Thrones because you can’t kill a dude that can see the past, present, and maybe even future. I don’t care if he’s the Night King or not. Bran is the Westeros version of Professor X and only catches heat because he is going through his awkward phase on the most popular show in the universe. #BRANWAGON FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! CHOO CHOOOOOO

Okay, I know those pictures were pretty underwhelming since it was literally just people wearing their jackets because Winter has come all over Westeros’ face. Even Varys rocking one of his comfy ass robes in a snowy place doesn’t mean he’s in Winterfell because we are in the endgame now. Those pictures are pretty much just the Character Selection screen from a video game and I am fine with it. The less I know about this season of Thrones, the better. I mean I will watch any teaser or trailer that HBO puts out because I am a weak man with no will power, as you can tell by my eating habits. But the less we know about the show, the better. I don’t skip the Next Ons after an episode because the producers have gotten good enough to not show anything juicy and usually end up hitting us with complete misdirections. I do skip the Previously Ons before an episode however because they usually inadvertently somewhat spoil an episode since they feel like they have to remind you what’s already happened so far in this 70+ hour epic before the latest twist.

To combat this need of a refresher before every episode and because I thought it would be fun to do, I will be doing a marathon rewatch of one episode a night starting tonight, Feburary 6th at 9 pm ET.

Will I make it even 3 nights before I miss one because my kids have worn me down and I pass out while putting one of them to sleep? Will I push the marathon aside and binge 5 episodes in a row like an addict because I haven’t experienced the sweet, sweet, nectar of Thrones in almost 2 years? Will I forget to watch at some point because I am a fucking moron? All fair questions to ask. I hope the answer to all is no because I think watching one a night would be a fun way to jump into the final season, but I’m really not sure.

What I AM sure about is that we will have some content on Barstool for people that are rewatching or watching for the first time as the slow march to April 14th begins. Then again, this is Barstool and we all may forget to do this. But the PLAN is to make some #content and talk a shitload of Thrones with the people here that watch the show. I’m not saying that it’ll be better than the Game of Thrones show Charlie Wisco and I did last minute, but it will be…something. Hopefully. I still think we were lucky to get that “show” greenlit on my personal YouTube channel to be honest. Here is the episode following last season’s finale.