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It Seems That Every White Candidate For Governor In Virginia Has Dressed In Blackface

NY Post- The man who’s second in line to become Virginia’s governor on Wednesday admitted that he too has worn blackface.

Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 when dressing up as a black rapper during a party when he was a student at the University of Virginia.

“In 1980, when I was a 19-year-old undergraduate in college, some friends suggested we attend a party dressed like rappers we listened to at the time, like Kurtis Blow, and perform a song. It sounds ridiculous even now writing it. But because of our ignorance and glib attitudes — and because we did not have an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others — we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup,” Herring said.

“In the days ahead, honest conversations and discussions will make it clear whether I can or should continue to serve as attorney general, but no matter where we go from here, I will say that from the bottom of my heart, I am deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.”


What the FUCK is in the water that Virginian politicians drink?! Good golly Miss Molly, another day, another white male politician from Virginia admits to wearing black face. Are these guys in some sort of league?! Our pets’ heads are falling off!

How many of these dudes are going to come forward? Is it safe to assume that every single white male politician within striking reach of the governor’s mansion in Virginia has dressed in blackface? That’s probably a stretch, but we’re batting .1000 right now. The lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, is black. So he’s probably safe. But he’s currently dealing with accusations that he sexually assaulted a woman during the 2004 DNC. Major bummer.

I learned about the history of blackface in 5th grade. From the age of eight onward, I knew not to make my face black for ANY reason. I’m fairly sure that if someone had taken a picture of me in blackface as a seven-year-old, most people would say “oh, he was a child, he didn’t know any better.”

Presuming that these politicians didn’t know how offensive blackface is… where the fuck were they on that day of school? Did the teachers in Virginia just skip that lesson? Something tells me they also skipped the lesson on the time Thomas Jefferson had five children with his slave, Sally Hemings.

I get that some people just don’t know what they’re doing. But if you’re a GOVERNOR, or ALMOST A GOVERNOR, it probably means you paid attention in school. Right? Or at least, you’ve read some books? Christ. Figure it the fuck out, morons. This is regular U.S. history, not AP or honors U.S. history.