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Chris Brown Wants to Fight Offset at Drake's Show in LA

LETS. GO. This is the kind of shit that gets my dick hard in the morning. I am here for any and all rap beef and things got SPICY last night on Instagram between Chris Brown and Offset. It all started with Chris Brown posting a 21 Savage meme from his personal Instagram account. I also posted it in my blog with all the best 21 Savage memes so I will preface this with saying that Chris Brown has excellent taste in memes.

Very funny meme about the whole 21 Savage ICE situation. In no way am I making fun of 21 Savage I am a huge fan and if you live in the Tri-State area you can hear me screaming “FREE 21″ at exactly 9:21 every single night (21:21 in military time) until he is released from jail. It is well documented that 21 Savage and Offset are very close friends and have been since even before they blew up as rappers. Offset didn’t take kindly to Chris Brown posting a 21 Savage meme and commented on it which led to Chris Brown spazzing the fuck out and challenging Offset to fight at Drake’s upcoming show in LA.

Chris Brown is an absolute savage. Offset simply called him a lame and he’s ready to start World War III. Chris Brown has said he’s changed since the Rihanna incident and I’m glad this talk isn’t directed at a female but it seems as if he may be out of touch with some of the things he learned in Anger Management. Regardless Offset had a response for Chris Browns outburst.

The coke head diss is always a big one in the rap game. Let’s just say nose beers are very taboo and NOT generally accepted amongst the rap community. Either way I am all in on this back and forth and I’ll be on pins and needles until they cross paths in person. If they want to speed up the process they could always throw the gloves on and fight in the most electric combat sporting event in the history of entertainment aka Rough N Rowdy. I handicapped this fight as a Pick em but I’d love to see where Vegas has it at. The offer has been made the ball’s now in your court boys……