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The NCAA And The Big 12 Are Corrupt

So obviously I have been upset about the Iowa State no cover against Oklahoma but after talking to the Associate Commissioner I put it to rest. That was until I was watching the Kansas game last night. This had nothing to do with a bad beat, I had Kansas money line but I noticed a little bullshit at the end of the game.

So after talking to the big dogs of the Big 12 yesterday he explained to me that they will not change the score late in the game if it will not change the outcome of the game. Well if you look closely, the meaningless dunk came a little bit after the buzzer and they gave them the points just like Iowa State. HOLD THE PHONE, they took the two points back because it was after the fucking buzzer. Same conference here too and they have some god damn integrity. If you are the NCAA, you need to crack down on this because you have employees out here running around doing what ever they want. I couldn’t believe it when they had the audacity to change the score back, that just proves that they hate gamblers and want us to die. It is just a sad scene.