This Leopard Is The Dumbest Jackass In The Jungle, Gets Bitched By A Honey Badger Rescuing Her Baby

Buddy. How many honey badger videos does the internet need to make in order for this dumbass leopard to realize he should never fuck with honey badgers. I mean this coward over here thought that he had an easy meal. Thought he could just pick on a poor, little helpless honey badger baby. Takes a big strong man to attack a baby like that. But just when this son of a bitch thought he was in the clear…


What an idiot. What a pathetic loser. That leopard damn near shit himself right there on the spot. And to make matters even worse, then honey badger then chased him all the way up the hill like a little bitch he is.

Dude. You’re a leopard. That’s like one step down from a lion who is the king of the jungle. And you’re going to get bitched all the way up a hill by a honey badger? I know they’re some ferocious fuckers and everything but that’s still a rough look for the leopard. Thought he was hot shit when he was snacking on that baby honey badger. But talk is cheap. And once some hands starting to get thrown, he wanted no parts of the action. See ya, bitch.

My favorite part is the end here when the mama honey badger goes back to protect like baby. It’s like, “chill the fuck out, dude, I’m trying to save your ass here”.

Kids, man. They’re so ungrateful. Even when you save their life, they’re still a bunch of little pricks about it.

And now for the obligatory video which was really the only reason to write this blog in the first place: