The JoinOrDie Blackhawks Playoff Train Is Leaving The Station

“Lose for Hughes” they said. “They only have a 1% chance to make the playoffs”, they jeered. “They have no choice, but to trade Keith”, they whimpered. Well hey haters, suck our dicks. This team is going to the playoffs. The chase is on and we saw it last night. That was an important game in the standings. An opportunity to make up ground on the road against a team the Blackhawks were chasing. When they needed a goal to even the score in the 3rd…they got an ONSLAUGHT. For a brief moment last night felt like watching the Dynasty. The Hawks played well enough all night that you could smell a win coming and when it did…it was glorious.

For the majority of the season I have been talking about next season. I didn’t want to tank. I wanted to see good habits and good effort. I wanted to have fun watching the Blackhawks. That was my only standard because I believed that there was a chance to turn it around quickly with money and development of young players next year. Now? Now I don’t want to wait. I want to be back in the playoffs. I want that anxiety. I want to be sleep deprived. I want to let people know across the NHL that the Blackhawks are back and they are NOT to be trifled with. Look at the standings…

standings 1

It’s right fucking there. 3 points is nothing. It could be 1 point after the Blackhawks play the Canucks on Thursday night. I want to go for it. I want the Blackhawks to be ALL GAS NO BRAKES at the deadline


I don’t want rentals. I want sign and trade deals. I want to know what the market is to go and get Duchene/Panarin/Stone right NOW. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, not after the draft, NOW. The Blackhawks have talked a big game about being big spenders next summer. Well, would you pay a premium of an extra asset to go make it happen and guarantee one or more of those guys are available for your team this year, next year, and beyond? I would. I want to know what the asking price is for those guys and maybe a guy like Michael Ferland too. The time to win is now. You can’t guarantee that Toews and Kane will be THIS good again in the future. The organization needs to put those guys in the playoffs and roll the dice. I’d rather lose in the first round than pick 8th again. There’s only one thing left to do…