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PETA Wants Big Boi To Donate His Super Bowl Coat To The Homeless

Source – There was more than one controversy over this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance. Big Boi is in hot water with PETA. For his appearance alongside Maroon 5 and Travis Scott, the 44-year-old rapper made a grand entrance wearing a large fur coat on top of his ATLiens gear. Naturally, PETA was not happy with the fashion choice.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, the animal rights activist group renounced Big Boi’s outfit and offered to send him a faux replacement. “Dear Antwan,” the letter begins. “Our hearts sank when you took the stage during the Super Bowl in a fur coat.”

The group offered to take the rapper’s coat off his back — as well as any others that may be in his closet — and donate them to homeless shelters in the United States or Syrian refugees who “desperately need the extra warmth.” “There will soon be a gorgeous faux fur on its way to you that offers a look that kills that no animal had to die for.”





You know what the homeless need? Forty-thousand-dollar mink coats. Forget the food, the shelter, forget the access to mental health counselors and healthcare. They need furs. That way when they go to sleep at night, even though they have nothing at least they’ll know they look good.

It’s funny because I don’t think PETA has ever been able to successfully deliver its message. They have all the resources in the world and for some reason choose to focus on celebrity wardrobes. Like how can they not understand that all this does is make them look like a joke? How is there not one single person at PETA who’s spoken up and tried to change their approach? Go after stuff that matters (no offense Big Boi).

I remember when I went to the PBR Championship with Kate a few weeks ago and they were standing out front with signs yelling at people for going inside like that’s going to do anything other than have people make fun of them.

Or how about that time they threw blood at Big Cat for doing a hot dog eating contest?

They’re insane. It’s like they’re so blinded by their passion that they’ve lost all common sense.

Obviously, Big Boi isn’t going to respond, but if I were him I’d tweet out the fact that my performance led to a $500,000 donation to Big Brother Big Sisters of America and to get off my case. Unreal. Take it away,  Big Boi.