Pacers Fans Come Back For More And Clown JaVale McGee With A "Not Worth Trading" Chant

What a disaster of a night for the Lakers out in Indiana sheesh. Clem talked about the chant from earlier in the night where the fine people of Indiana let Brandon Ingram know what’s in store for his immediate future. Now, with the game well in hand, they decided to unleash their powers towards JaVale McGee. That’s NBA Champion JaVale McGee to you and me, but these Pacers fan’s didn’t give a shit. It’s pretty self explanatory when LeBron literally trades every other player on the roster that usually means you don’t exactly provide the most value. Even as a sweetener for losing a rim protecting big, New Orleans was all set. That’s rough. It feels weird to troll a guy like McGee since he’s a player that has given us so much joy through his misfortunes on the basketball court. The odd thing is he’s having an OK season as Laker too, but don’t let that take away from another great chant and A+ performance from this Pacers crowd. You know I’m always down to clown on the Lakers so I would just like to congratulate them on a job well done.


Seeing as how the Lakers lost this game 136-94, I think we saw what things look like when a dark cloud is hovering over a basketball team. I mean the Pacers were without Oladipo and playing on a B2B and this thing was never close. I guess it’s probably not the best idea to offer all your teammates in a trade and then not be able to pull off that trade. That’s exactly how you keep a locker room environment positive as you push to make the playoffs. Great job LeBron, you idiot! Now that I think of it, Kyrie’s team has won 10 of their last 11, maybe LeBron should give him a call and ask him for advice on how to be successful with young guys. Because right now, things sure don’t look all that great over in LA