HBO Released A Trailer For Their Adnan Syed/Serial Documentary

I gotta say, even 4+ years later, I still think about Serial and this case. Serial season 1 debuted on October 3, 2014. That was so freaking long ago! And when it dropped and word started getting around about it, I’d say it was as captivating and generated as much discussion as any TV show or movie. You would go to a bar or house party and talk about that week’s episode and if you thought Adnan did it or not. It was the hottest thing in the streets, in a time before podcasts were as huge as they are now. And to this day, when I have an attention span of a goldfish and nothing sticks with me in my brain anymore, I still think about the case.

I’ll probably go back and binge the podcast again before the HBO documentary drops. I can’t remember all the ins and outs of it, but I remember thinking that Adnan did it, but Jay is the sketchiest motherfucker alive and definitely had a big part of it. Even just writing this blog I’m reminded of the Best Buy pay phone, how Jay knew where the car was, the god damn Nisha call, and how in the world his lawyer didn’t bring in Asia McCalin. Definitely going to re-listen to it. Man, his lawyer was just so bad. STEPPPPINGGGGG OUTTTTTTT rings in my ears to this day.