Roughly A Million Pacers Fans Ruthlessly Chanted "LeBron's Gonna Trade You" At Brandon Ingram Tonight

That is some true cooooooldblooded shit by the Pacers faithful on a strangely organized and loud chant. It’s not like the Lakers and Pacers have some sort of bloody rivalry or Brandon Ingram said everybody in Indiana is a cornfucking hick. That’s just the Pacers fans screaming their dicks off because of their love for the chanting game (and probably because fuck LeBron). And you know what? I love it. Something about chanting brings out something primal in us probably dating back to the Braveheart days when you chanted shit before going into battle. Fast forward to today and it’s a bunch of usually happy-go-lucky Midwesterners reminding every young Lakers asset that their about to go from competing for titles next to LeBron on a banner NBA franchise to being sentenced to the place that couldn’t build a winner around Anthony Davis the last 7 years just for shits and giggles. And they say us New York fans are assholes.