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It's Time For Every Sports Fanbase To Admit That They Have Some Scumbags Amongst Them

So last year to celebrate winning the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history, a few Eagles fans decided to throw some hands at the parade. I mean any time you get a large gathering of people and combine that with alcohol, you’re bound to get a few scraps popping up here and there. As long as nobody gets seriously injured, then it’s no harm no foul. People fight when they’re drunk. It’s been happening ever since the day alcohol was invented. However, some people took the liberty of using this fight between Eagles fans at the Super Bowl parade last year as a way to throw a shot at the entire city. People like Boston Sports #1 over here who says he lived in Philly for 6 years and that we don’t know how to act.

Well…fast forward the clock approximately 361 days and what do we have here?

Either a bunch of people from Philly decided to buy some Patriots gear and take the trip up to Boston for the Pats parade today, or it would appear that Patriots fans also enjoy throwing some hands especially when alcohol is involved.

Now I’m not saying that all Pats fans are scumbags. I’m not even saying that a full 1% of Patriots fans are scumbags. What I am saying, however, is that there’s at least a contingent of scumbags within the Patriots fanbase. The same way that there’s a contingent of scumbags within every single fanbase in sports. Obviously some fanbases have a higher concentration of scumbags than others. I have no problem with admitting that Philly fans probably fall under that category, even though I’d say that we are just misunderstood on a national level. But if you want to call Philly fans scumbags, that’s totally fine with me. Just as long as you realize that whatever fanbases you belong to probably have their fair share of scumbags as well.

That’s the moral of the story. We’re all a bunch of adults who care deeply about a game played by other adults. Let’s stop pretending like being a sports fan is some sort of high society shit. Let’s stop pretending like any fanbase is inherently superior to any other. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just idiots who sit around and get drunk and watch a bunch of dudes play a game. And at the end of the day, scumbags or not, we’re all going to die.