Matt Nagy: "We Expect To Win The Super Bowl In 2019"

NBCS Chicago-

It couldn’t have been easy for Matt Nagy to watch the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl — a team the Bears beat in Week 14.

But his loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the wildcard is turning into motivation for the young head coach, who is setting his sights higher for 2019.

“We talk about it,” Nagy told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We don’t talk about making the playoffs. We talk about winning the Super Bowl.”

Six months ago, the Super Bowl seemed like a distant goal, but a breakout 12-4 season quickly accelerated expectations for Nagy.

The Bears opened with the third-best Super Bowl odds for 2019, and they’ll have the proverbial target on their backs as defending NFC North Champions.

Nagy is trying to maximize the championship window while they still have financial flexibility with Mitchell Trubisky on his rookie contract, and 2018 was a strong first step toward their bigger goal.

We talked about it this week on Red Line Radio – nobody, NOT ONE PERSON in Chicago watched the Super Bowl and didn’t think “we could be here”.  Or even should be here.

This core is going to win a Super Bowl and Matt Nagy is going to be the head coach.  I have never been so confident in any team I’ve ever been a fan of.  Not the White Sox back in 2006, not the White Sox now with their good farm system, not the Bulls with D Rose, nobody.

This team just gets it.  Top to bottom.  They had one “bad seed” for lack of a better term this year and it was at kicker.  And by all accounts, Parkey is a stand up dude.  His GMA appearance was stupid and definitely a “me first” move but from an asshole, ego tripping teammate stand point, those are non-existent under this regime.

Mark my goddamn words.  The Chicago Bears are going to represent the NFC and the New England Patriots in the 2020 Super Bowl and Dente’s terroristic regime will end.  This team watched their 12-4 season end in one kick and they will have an insatiable appetite for victory moving forward.

I cannot wait for next fall on the Lake.  The next 5 years are going to be a lot of fun for Bears fans and miserable for the rest of the NFC North.