Holy Shit John Wall Is Out For Another YEAR After Rupturing His Achilles

My GOD. We are a cursed city. Thank god for Ovi otherwise what would even be the point of anything at all?

This is just ridiculous news about Wall. It’s Gilbert Arenas all over again. Amazing PG in his prime just completely derailed by injuries after signing a massive contract. Wall just signed a 4 year, $171 million deal set to kick in next season. I mean, FUCKKKKKKKK

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 1.15.23 PM

This is just brutal. He never recovered from his first injury and now has another one. A huge set back. It’s just so nuts.

We gotta trade Beal and Otto now. Start it all over from scratch. Change the name to something cool too. Just completely start over from square 1. This entire Wizards thing just hasn’t worked out. Is what it is. Start over and try again.