This Baseball Umpire and His Michael Jordan Crossover Jump Shot Strike Three Call Can Go Straight To Hell

There are some people out there calling this umpire a savage. Some saying he’s hilarious. Some saying THIS is what baseball needs these days. I have a message to all of those people, and this umpire: Go fuck yourself.

If I’m the coach of the kid that struck out during that at bat, here’s what I’m doing on the very first pitch in the next half inning.


Yeah that umpire is taking one off the chest or the mask no questions asked. Our Emmy award winning producer David Blattman came over to my desk to show me that clip with a giddy smile on his face. I think he thought it was hysterical? I told him to his face that showing me that video made me irrationally angry. I was having a good day. We had Clint Frazier on the podcast last night, I had a good lunch, but now that’s all ruined because of this umpire. Buddy just call strike 3 and let the next batter step to the plate.

If rules did not exist in our society then I’d be totally fine with the batter fighting that ump right then and there. Fight to the death, gladiator style.

This video RDT blogged earlier today I’m okay with. If a pitcher has been talking shit to you about balls and strikes and he gives one up to Saturn, I don’t mind a little wave to rub it in. If the pitcher can talk shit to you, then you can do that back. That’s fair.

That does not excuse the umpire from the above video. If the batter has showed you up a little it’s fine to sneak in a little “see ya!” in your punch out call, but getting out in front of home plate and doing an MJ jump shot into a strike three call. That’s firing squad worthy.