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If The Sixers Don't Sign Nick Foles After Seeing This Jumper, Then What Was The Process Even About?


They say that god works in mysterious ways. But I don’t think he’s mysterious at all. I think it’s actually pretty damn clear what his end game is here. God is just a massive Philly sports fan and he’s trying to do everything he possibly can to make sure things work out here. So what does he do? He solves all of our problems with one extremely wet Nick Foles jumper from range.

Here’s how it all works out.

– Nick Foles gets to stay in Philadelphia. Only instead of the Eagles paying him $20 million to stay, he just gets to sign with the Sixers instead.

– Carson Wentz finally gets Nick Foles off of the Eagles roster. I know that Carson and Nick are good friends and everything like that but in order for Carson to be as comfortable as possible, he can’t have Nick Foles waiting in the background to take his spot again at any moment. If Carson Wentz is going to be an MVP candidate in this league for years to come, Nick Foles can’t be on the team. That’s just a fact.

– The Sixers add another shooting threat to the lineup and they bring in a guy who clearly knows what it takes to be a champion in this city. This way Ben Simmons never has to think about taking a 3 in his career. This way Joel Embiid doesn’t need to take as many 3’s anymore. The Sixers need a guy like Nick Foles who is not only a great teammate, but can also knock down big time shots in clutch moments.

Seems like the easiest decision of all time to me. TTP x BDN.