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Guy Bids $69 As A Joke On The Price Is Right, Ends Up With The Winning Bid

Wow, shit has really gone off the rails during Drew Carey’s reign on The Price Is Right. Now we have guys throwing around 69 jokes and conquering Contestant’s Row. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always laugh at a 69 joke because like a real 69, they feel good no matter how much they stink. But if Jason pulled that stunt on Bob Barker, he would have gotten knocked the fuck out by a man holding a mic skinnier than Portnoy’s jeans. Everyone here has been #woke about all these viral moments occurring on the show lately, perhaps in hopes of boosting the ratings. And Drew Carey pulling out his card and coming up with a number that would give the 69 joker the win so the clip of it ended up on the smut blogs is exactly what this new Price Is Right show would do. Well played, Drew. Well played.