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LaVar Ball Can No Longer Be Silenced And Now He's Coming After Luke Walton

Oh what you thought LaVar Ball was done speaking his mind after the other day he came out and said he didn’t want his son Lonzo to play for the Pelicans? You fool! The shackles are off LaVar Ball and he is coming out SWINGING. Now I imagine LeBron and his camp had something to do with shutting LaVar out when he first joined the team this summer, it always felt a little weird that we didn’t hear a peep out of him all season. Well then the trade rumors come out, it becomes clear that LeBron is trying to have his son traded and that was the final straw. I picture LaVar breaking free of from the bowels of Staples Center kind of like Sloth from the Goonies as soon as he saw the Woj bomb that his boy was being included in the Lakers offer for Anthony Davis. He ripped himself free from the chains and found the closest microphone possible and this is what we’re getting. This is the time for some high quality LaVar shit talking, and his latest target is Luke Walton.

Reading that quote I just can’t help but laugh. It’s Luke Walton’s fault that Lonzo has a losing attitude? What? Yeah it’s true the Lakers have been losing during his tenure, but that’s rebuilding in the NBA. Maybe, just maybe, Lonzo had something to do with it? I mean Lonzo is a career 38/31% shooter with a career -7 net rating. That’s Luke Walton’s fault though, LaVar makes a great point. He would be so much better if not for Walton poisoning him with his losing attitude. Not like Walton didn’t have success as a Laker and then came from GS where they were pretty decent. Had the Lakers employed any other coach Lonzo would have been so much better as a player, it’s common sense really. How dare Walton give him 30 minutes a night and start him basically every single game he’s been healthy. What an idiot!

The best part is when you put two and two together with everything LaVar is saying right now, he’s sort of putting himself in a pretzel. According to him, the Lakers and Luke Walton gave his son that losing attitude, but if he had his choice of where Lonzo could play next, it would be…….the Suns. You know, those same Suns who have gone 79-222 over the last four seasons and have never won more than 24 games. If there’s one place Lonzo won’t have a losing attitude, it’s with them. That makes total sense. But that’s the beauty of LaVar Ball! He doesn’t have to make any sense! We’re just here to watch/listen to him shit on the Lakers and potentially fuck everything up for LeBron. It’s almost as if he’s doing all this as payback for being told to keep his mouth shut and I am very much here for it.

Is Luke Walton a perfect coach? Of course not, and I’m sure most Lakers fans would probably agree with LaVar’s statement and would prefer he be replaced. But everyone knows a team with LeBron is coached by LeBron, Luke Walton is a puppet. Maybe that wasn’t the case before LeBron got there but it sure as shit is the case now. Remember, this isn’t the first time LaVar has come at Walton, he came out and said he lost the locker room last year when they were losing all the time so you knew now that there was another opportunity to take a shot there was no way LaVar was going to sit it out.

All I know is we have most definitely not heard the last from LaVar now that the muzzle is off and people are lining up to put him in front of a microphone. Time will tell what things look like when the dust settles, but it’s very clear LaVar is ready to go scorched earth on everyone’s asses.