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Purdue Football Player Attaches Chains To Bench Press, Immediately Drops The Bar On His Chest

As someone who occasionally goes to the gym to sit on my phone, I can confidently tell you that this is my worst nightmare. When I load up that twenty-five-pound plate (singular) and self consciously look around to see if anyone notices how little I’m lifting, I’m always afraid of dropping the bar. Not because it would be embarrassing, because I’d have no one to help me pick it back up. I’d have to sit there with it on my chest and slowly die because I decided to lift alone like an idiot. This guy HAD a spotter and still ended up dropping the bar, which wouldn’t have been that bad if he didn’t have the chains hanging down. I guess it’s different if you’re an athlete, but if you’re a normal person, never attach chains to the bar. Ever. It’s almost as bad as taking a mirror selfie. All they do is make you look like a douchebag.  I had to look up what they do, and it turns out they’re useful, but still, don’t do it.

“Bench Press using accommodating resistance (80 pounds of Chain). The chains are used for many reasons but to keep it simple- they work with your natural strength curve. At the bottom, the chains arecollected on the ground so the weight is lighter. As you press off your chest, the resistance increases.”

And if you do end up doing it, you can’t drop the bar on your chest. I’d like to say this guy is okay, but the like every other video on the internet it ends way too fast. I want to see the aftermath. Anyway, if you feel like puking here’s a cumpilation of weightlifting videos that will gross you out. Proceed with caution. These are BRUTAL.