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Belichick Telling Brady And Edelman "We'll Be Back Too" After The Super Bowl Is The Greatest Thing I've Ever Seen

That sound you just heard was every coach in the NFL taking their playbook and throwing it out their office window (which was closed. They were too angry to even open it. True story).

These guys right here have taught me what love really means. I see it in movies all the time where one spouse will tell the other, “somehow I love you more than I did yesterday,” and I think That’s bullshit. You’ve known them for 20 years there’s no way they’re still revealing things to you. But that’s the relationship I’ve had with these men and they still surprise me. Still soaked in Gatorade after winning another Super Bowl and they’re not even celebrating it, they’re talking about next years.

I guess the next one will always be their favorite one.