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Chinese Dude Convicted Of Possessing "Extreme Pornography"

Huff Po – An ex-broadcaster tried to convince a jury that his massive collection of extreme pornography was used for research into a “Sex and the City”-style book. A London jury found Sen Luo, 40, guilty on two counts of possessing “extreme pornography,” according to the Sun. “These videos were disgusting and distressing,” Constable Kim Negus told the court during the trial. “I viewed around 18 of them and had to have the sound down.” Some of the more than 800 “disgusting” videos “showed women strapped to machines and tortured with electrodes, pins being pushed into their breasts or hot wax poured into their body,” according to the Little Hampton Gazette. Other pieces of pornography involved abusing animals, the paper reported. Luo said he collected the perverse library for his book, which he hoped would provide a new source of income after he left his home in China. Authorities found Luo’s stash when they visited his East Grinstead, West Sussex home on an unrelated matter, according to the BBC. Luo will be sentenced next month and could face three years in prison, according to the Sun.

Women fucked by machines? Hot wax? What is this 2001? That shit was like the first stuff I ever saw on the internet. The pins being pushed into tits is a bit much but for the most part that shit is like par for the course these days. If Sen Luo is facing 3 years in prison then I should be fuckin locked up for life. Half the shit I search for on youjizz would be admissible evidence in a goddam murder case, let alone just some dude trying to find a porno he’d like to watch. If there aren’t lesbians squirting milk, funnels, samurai weapons, or, at the very least, a girl being forced into something she doesn’t wanna do, I’m not even hard. Thats just the nature of the world these days. We’re all desensitized to the world of porn because we’ve been watching every single day for the past 15 years. Its only natural you go extreme to get your rocks off.  I don’t know what kinda book Sen Luo was gonna write but I wouldn’t even have an excuse for my “extreme pornography.” I’d just be like “uhhh. I’ve watched all the Tori Black videos on the internet. I needed something new.” Give Sen Luo a break. It just sounds like he was watching Boner Jams ’03.

PS – Only think I’m not down with is clothes pins. I fucking hate that. Creeps me the fuck out.