Marvin Bagley Throwing Down A 360 Alley-Oop Was Goddamn Ridiculous

The worst part about being an NBA fan on the East Coast the last few years was missing Steph Curry do video game glitch things as the Warriors grinded teams into dust. But now that we are all kinda used to the Warriors being a cheat code, one of the biggest things that sucks about being 3 hours ahead is missing some of the shit this fun, young, definitely, maybe, possibly good Kings team does. This is especially true as a Kentucky guy with Fox and WCS and Skal all out there.

But, out here catching a 360 lob? I mean sure, it wasn’t necessarily in traffic, but we don’t see 360 alley-oops too often. We saw Zhaire Smith break Twitter during the first round of the NCAA Tournament last year doing this:

But, it’s not something we see often and something that I will always be amazed by. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to be this big and this athletic. Must be nice.

But, the best part was the Kings twitter. Carl blogged about how they are making fun of the Super Bowl with very boring, mundane tweets and highlights. They nailed this one:

A fine play for sure.