I Hate That I Love This Troll From Steve Kerr

God dammit. You can hate the Warriors, you can think they ruined the league, but one thing you can’t do is hate on Steve Kerr. He just seems like such a cool dude who has tons of self awareness and isn’t afraid to make a joke. Of course he hears about how boring the NBA is now that the Warriors win all the time, and it gets old watching their dominance year after year so naturally given how the game went last night he had a nice little troll. I hate that I laughed at it but I did.

Here’s another the thing about last night that didn’t really make sense to me. All during the game I kept seeing NBA > NFL tweets because the Super Bowl was “boring”. It confused me because it felt like people were ignoring history. It’s almost as if everyone forgot the fact that the last two Finals have seen the Warriors win 8 out of 9 games. Of those 8 wins, the average margin of victory was 12.7 points. Not really a great case to be made that the last two Finals have been all that entertaining. Sure there were funny moments like JR doing JR things, but overall they’ve mostly been relatively boring. Now it’s true, that’s much different from the first two times CLE/GS matched up, but I thought it was odd that people were talking last night like the NBA never has a boring Finals. That’s been the case for the last two years.

Obviously there are a ton of similarities between both the Warriors and the Patriots, at least in terms of their recent success. It’s also true that people hate the Warriors much like people hate the Patriots because it’s always easy to hate the best of the best out of pure jealousy. I just don’t need Kerr to be coming out here and doing things that make me laugh. I want to hate him with a fire of a thousand suns but even I can respect some solid trolling. I know he made it seem like he was joking but you know there was some truth to it deep down.

Basically this was Kerr letting us know he hears us complain, he just doesn’t give a shit.