Richard Pitino's Kid Cost Minnesota A Win Because He Had To Go To The Bathroom

I’m not saying this is the reason that Minnesota blew the lead and eventually lost to Purdue, but it’s up there. I mean who does this kid think he is? You can’t just wander to the bench just because your dad is there. You have to wait to be invited as a walk-on to do that.

This is such a coach move though. Just immediately delegate the bathroom responsibilities to someone else. That’s why Pitino may make it in this business. You put your team before your family. You grind at the office. You grind watching tape. Then when the game comes you’re not bothered because the kid can’t hold his bladder.

Who is watching the kid here though? Where’s Pitino’s wife or the babysitter? I’d be livid if I was Pitino here. All he’s asking for is 40 minutes of no bathroom talk. They should be aware that the kid is going to walk up to his dad. You gotta grab the kid and ask him what he wants before he gets to the bench.

Remember this if Minnesota is on the wrong side of the bubble in a month.