This Disturbing Display Of Road Rage In Canada Will Leave You Feeling Absolutely Disgusted

Let this serve as a reminder that you never know who you’re sharing the road with out there. You never know if somebody is just going to snap. It’s why I rarely use my horn whilst driving. At the very best, using your horn accomplishes a minimal task of getting you to wherever you’re trying to go maybe 30 seconds faster. At the very worst, using your horn can piss off whoever is on the road with you and they’ll lose their goddamn mind like this man right here.


I mean what kind of savage doesn’t lift up the windshield wiper to clear off the rest of the snow right there? And to make matters even worse, he didn’t wait around long enough for the guy in front of him to thank him for clearing off the snow for him. It’s just not right. This is a society we’re living in and all we ask for is some basic common courtesy. If you’re going to remove the snow off of somebody’s vehicle, at least allow them to thank you before storming back off into your own vehicle. Now this poor guy has to drive around the rest of the day knowing that he didn’t get a chance to thank this lunatic for clearing the snow and, as a Canadian, it’s going to eat him up inside. Just makes me sick knowing that these kind of monsters are living amongst us.