Make Ads Great Again: Charlie Stout Is SICK Of All The Pussies On Twitter

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.49.56 AM

This is so true. I know many people have said that the ads werent great last night. It used to be so much fun to walk into work or school and say WASSSSUUUUUPPPPPPPPP to your buddy because the beer ad crushed. Now we are talkin about ways to say ok and the Washington Post. Sad. Everyone with a brain knows that having a free press is good. Why do we need to hear about it in the Super Bowl?

I dont wanna hear about how great journalism is when the game is knotted at 3-3. I want to know about beer and I want to hear some fart jokes. Is that too much to ask for in America?

If I cant have that, I wanna be back to watching some Doritos sexiness that makes me get just a little whisper of a boner. Nothing crazy. Nothing crazy. Just a whisper.

Lick me, daddy.

Anyway, Charlie Stout is right and is wearing a cowboy hat which I find to be dope as hell. We cant be so PC that we become Puss-C. Get it?