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Kendall Jenner Goes Cheeks Out For The Boys In Vogue Photoshoot

I’ve said this before but I’m all in on artsy naked photoshoots. It really takes me back. Did anybody else go to the art section of Barnes and Noble when they were a kid, flip through the artsy fartsy books and look for nude models? No? Just me? Cool cool. Well that’s what me and my buddies did so I appreciate Kendall Jenner bringing it back with this artsy nude photoshoot in Vogue. All class. Class class class class class.

This is just a thing you do if you’re a model. Emily Ratajkowski has done a million of them I feel like. There’s a big difference between models posting sexy pictures of themselves on Instagram and pictures of themselves naked being in classy magazines. Instagram pictures feel cheap and you can just scroll right past them. Magazines like Vogue and Love are distinguished and viewed as pieces of art. I’m here for it.