I Wish The Polar Vortex Went On Forever

Okay, maybe not forever, but I wish the Polar Vortex went on for like another month. I am sure the Vortex sucked for a lot of people. Construction, first responders, comed, etc. Hats off to those people who got shit done under the worst circumstances. Me? A guy who never technically has to leave the house anyways because of blogger privalege….tt was easy. Barely went outside. Showered sporadically. Made use of air fresheners to combat my own smell. Didn’t have to see or talk to anyone I didn’t want to. It was a breeze for me from a livability perspective.

From a content it was GAIL FORCE wind and it was incredible. There’s only so many things to cover in February. I’ve been looking every day on history websites to see if something interesting happened on that particular day. Do you know what “notable events” happened today, February 4th? Well in 1991 US postage stamps increased from 25cents to 29cents(your grandma was probably not happy about that), there were a bunch of Nuclear tests in the Nevada desert, and in 1959 Israel started exporting Copper ore. The refining and smelting into copper product likely happened somewhere else! You see what I mean…fucking NOTHING to blog about. Meanwhile, during the Vortex we got our inboxes FLOODED with people boiling their faces off

Love this guy. Laugh out loud funny. I could watch 50 different versions of this video. And we kind of got them. The Barstool Chicago instagram was the place to be for all of the Chicago Vortex viral videos

chicago instagram

Now, it’s back to reality. I’m sitting in our little office. Looking at WSD’s pumpkin head, it’s raining and miserable outside, and content isn’t as easy to come by. I’m still in sweatpants so it’s not all bad, but our jobs are a little harder than usual. I just want Chicago to be in a deep freeze betweeen now and St Paddy’s Day.

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