Wake Up With "Bad Boys" (The Theme Song From Cops) And Some Great Scenes From The Show

Had to bless the blog with this classic song and actually incredible video that is the perfect way to kick off a Monday after Dave Portnoy pulled his most outrageous stunt yet by going Richard Kimble and sneaking into the Super Bowl, getting arrested at halftime, and then getting tossed from the Patriots after party.

I honestly don’t understand how stupid the NFL can be by continuing to give Barstool all this free press by restricting our media access like its communist Russia and continuing to refuel a a grudge with a lunatic who won’t clearly back down that started due to a few footballs being deflated like half a decade ago. But here we are again. Roger Goodell tries to pull out of the Chinese finger trap that is Dave Portnoy, only for it to tighten tenfold. And thank God he does, because I cannot fathom how many pageviews and shirt we have sold because of him.

So shout out Roger The Dodger not only for all the money he has helped make this company but for also giving me a reason to throw the Cops theme song up to ease us into life without football.