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Super Bowl First Half Recap: Should Josh McDaniels Be Arrested?

I know the Patriots aren’t allowed to score in the first quarter of the Super Bowl. That’s just how the bylaws have been written and I’ve come to accept that over the years. But if Josh McDaniels were to be put on trial for committing war crimes I think that would be fair and reasonable. Fourth and One call? Putrid. Second timeout of the half just to hand it off on 3rd and eight? P U. Sony Michel playing too well to start the game? Can’t have it, get that guy off the field. The Rams offense couldn’t move an inch so they have to be THRILLED only being down 3 right now. Also, I don’t know if James White was involved in that 21 Savage arrest sting earlier but maybe try getting him in the mix once or twice on plays that aren’t bounce passes. Mostly because bounce passes from my understanding are illegal.