Saquon Barkley Is Your NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year

Despite Saquon winning a bunch of different awards the last few days, I’ll admit I thought Baker Mayfield was going to take this one home from the writers that protect the shield because Mayfield turned around a clown shoe organization, put up one of the best rookie QB seasons we have ever seen at the most important position in sports, almost led the Browns to the playoffs, and made Browns fans actually enjoy football again. Jeff D. Lowe now smiles on Monday mornings at HQ. It’s incredible to see. I know Browns fans will be bummed about him not winning this award, but I think we all imagine Baker will be chasing MVPs and Super Bowls during his career and will likely use this award as motivation along with Colin Cowherd’s #takes and every other slight he has had in his life.

But Saquon won OROY behind a rookie season that was flat out ridiculous. We’ve seen the numbers and the highlights a bunch but why not one more time because they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

*Fuck you Goodell for making people click through to Twitter to watch highlights

When it comes down to it, I don’t really care all that much about awards because they don’t really mean shit at the end of the day. If you don’t win a game the day after the NFL Honors show, your season was not a true success. But I was extra happy about this one since Saquon was fucking awesome on the field, just as good off of it, and he along with Giants fans had to endure the tired ass #debate about if the GMen should have taken a quarterback with the 2nd pick. I would rather hear Skip Bayless debate himself about if MJ or LeBron are the GOAT than hear one more “Do you take Saquon or a QB” debate, especially while everyone is still so young. Hating on the pick got so cool in certain Twitter echo chambers that people were criticizing Saquon for his rushing stats behind an awful offensive line with a shellshocked QB while ignoring everything else he did for the Giants in the passing game. I couldn’t imagine spending my life picking apart Saquon Barkley as a football player because it seems like a miserable existence. But the internet is powered by miserable people.

So to all the haters, go fuck yourself, Saquon Barkley is your offensive rookie of the year. And to Saquon, congrats you freak of nature. I hope this is the first of many awards for you an Honors Night or whatever the NFL decides to call it and I hope we start playing in the game that takes place the next day.