Every Single Duke Nerd Celebrating The 'Birthday' Of A Doll Needs To Be Arrested

What in the living hell is this? We’re celebrating the birthday of a goddamn doll named Cameron?

Duke fans are the worst. No, not because of the fact that they all typically live in NJ/NY and look like this:

Okay, maybe I’m just scared of that.

But, Duke fans with all these nerdy ass traditions. Hubbs talked about how much of a loser you are camping outside for tickets. At least you’re getting tickets out of that. Wearing a stupid birthday hat and celebrating the birthday of a doll, you should be arrested. This is pre-crime at it’s finest.

I mean a few years back we had this thing go viral because someone was slapping it. PRE-CRIME

I need them all locked up for this and this doll thrown away. There’s no way these guys deserve having fun watching this: