Sergio Garcia Disqualified From Tournament In Saudi Arabia For Committing "Serious Misconduct"

Golfweek- Sergio Garcia has been thrown out of the inaugural $3.5 million Saudi International for wilfully damaging putting greens. The Spaniard was disqualified under Rule 1.2a after he was found to have damaged putting surfaces during Saturday’s third round. The 2017 Masters winner shot a 1-over-par 71, but was tossed out of the tournament when players behind him complained about damage on the greens. Garcia is alleged to have complained about the greens earlier in the week. The decision came a day after he slammed a club in a bunker in anger. European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley questioned Garcia after his round. The decision to disqualify the 15-time European Tour winner came after Haotong Li and Dustin Johnson had finished tied for the lead on 16-under.

Saudi Arabia tournament officials to Sergio Garcia

We got no video of this though? None? Zero? Not even 5 seconds of Sergio Garcia slamming his putter into a green out of frustration? How? That seems impossible. It’s 2019 for fuckssake. There’s always video.

Anyway. Just chill out, Sergio. You got your major championship and many people didn’t think it was ever going to happen but it did. It’s all supposed to be gravy after that. Remember? It’s like he forgot about the narratives of how he won the Masters, got his green jacket, married the love of his life and then nothing could ever go wrong again.

Even the next year at the Masters when he carded a 13 after putting FIVE balls in the water

He didn’t throw a hissy fit then and get himself DQ’d then. Maybe he did this on purpose because he didn’t wanna be in Saudi Arabia anymore. That seems understandable. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia but something tells me it’s not the most awesome place to be. “I respect the decision of my disqualification” sure sounds like a guy who was trying to get himself kicked out. Maybe Sergio had to play at least two rounds to collect the appearance fee. Once he did that, he cashed the check, threw a fit, got tossed and now he’ll be back home in time for the Super Bowl.