Pope Francesa I?

So today Francesa’s show has been riddled with callers calling him out on how blatantly wrong he was about the snow storm on Friday. Mike decided to play meteorologist last week and talk about how the weatherman and the public always blow these things out of proportion. Said that nothing was really gonna happen and then obviously we got annihilated by this blizzard. Naturally the easy thing to do would be to say “Ya know, I really thought they were exaggerating and blowing it out of proportion but they weren’t kidding this time. We got hit hard.” Issue over. So obviously Francesa fights every caller tooth and nail and denies it to the death.

He’s spent like 45 minutes so far arguing specifics and semantics about his goddam weather predictions. He knows he’s wrong. Everyone else knows he’s wrong. He’s having hardcore evidence presented to him proving he’s wrong. And he still believes he’s misunderstood and that everyone else is out of their minds. That, my friends, is an unwavering belief in self. And thats when I realized. Thats when it hit me. Francesa has all the makings to be the next Pope. Not the Sports Pope as some people jokingly call him. The actual fucking Pope. At this stage in his career, sports knowledge and broadcasting skills is not his talent. Its his belief that he’s God. That he’s the authority. His ability to brainwash the masses and lead them no matter what happens. Francesa could say the sky is yellow and convince himself and his followers that he wasn’t wrong. Pope Francesa, science proved the theory of evolution like 200 years ago. “WAITAH SEKINT! WAITAH SEKINT! There is no way yoomans came from monkeys!” Pope Francesa, what do you think of the priests accused of pedophilia? “They STINK!” and he waves them away with his Pope wand like he’s hanging up on a caller. Delusional arrogance and refusal to change is exactly what the Catholic Church is built upon. And Mike has both those in spades. Pope Francesa the First. And the Mink Man can be his Camerlengo. Let Vatican III begin.

Shout out to @TheRopolitans for the Pope pic