A Little Kid Shot Fireworks Down Into A Manhole Annnnnnnnd KABOOM!

The takeaway from this will be, “Don’t play with fireworks, kids” but the only thing kids will takeaway from that is, “I WANT TO PLAY WITH FIREWORKS MORE THAN EVER NOW.” That’s the one big flaw when it comes to telling kids not to play with fireworks. Every example given by an adult as a reason not to play with fireworks is a reason why kids want to play with fireworks. Blowing shit up is incredibly appealing to youths. There’s just something about being young and wanting to light EVERYTHING on fire, both literally and figuratively.

That video above is terrifying and scary to anyone over the age of let’s say 17 but to everyone under that age? That looks like a solid Friday night. We’re all watching the same video of a little kid basically blowing up an entire city block but the things we learn from them are drastically different. By law, I’m an adult human now but I used to be obsessed with fireworks as a kid so I can see both sides of it. When you’re young, you want to pour a bunch of gasoline into a bucket then shoot a bunch of roman candles at it until it explodes because you feel invincible. As you grow up, you see some crazy shit and you feel less invincible. That’s all it is. Different perspectives. But to be honest, I still love playing with fireworks and that’s never changing.