Live EventFriday Night Pints - December 4th, 2020Watch Now

Watch Every RnR 7 Fighter Matchup Video And Order the PPV NOW... National Anthem Starts At 7:15 PM

Tonight is the night. One of our best fight cards ever. 3 Main Events. NO HEADGEAR. Me and Dave on commentary, Rone and Caleb on interview duty. Plus Scott Zolak, Blake Bortles, and plenty of surprise guests coming on with us in the commentary booth. With replay available for 48 hours after the broadcast there’s zero reason to not buy this. It’s the best entertainment money can buy.

Watch these RnR 7 matchups and try to tell me differently. You simply CANNOT. See you at 7:15 pm.

The $20 Chef vs The Hack

The Mush vs Moneyline Bubbly Matt

Jared Goff’s Friend vs Der Meister

Zeus vs The 2 Pump Chump

Man Bear Pig vs The Eviction Man

The Ovarian Barbarian vs Spicey Boy

The Pink Pants Professor vs Popeye

Hot Dick Danny vs Coley Hick

Cornbread vs Ragnar

Lawyer With Attitude vs Jake The Snake

Thor Smash vs White Lightning

The Wolf vs Pasty Dee

Marky Mark vs Turbo Freak Nasty

Malo The Aztec Warrior vs Stone Cold

Ice Pick vs Mason’s Daddy

The Hollywood Taxi vs Tow Job

Hollywood vs Lightning Bolt

RJ Knockout vs RJ Killer

Nighty Night vs Phoenix

Devil Dog vs Knock Em Out

Hoffmerica vs Smash

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