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This Woman Pulled An All Time Kiss Cam Move At The Lakers Game

This is the beauty of League Pass. You get to see what goes down on the Jumbotron feed and if you were watching the Lakers game tonight you saw what true love looks like. Everyone agrees the kiss cam can be an awkward moment. Do you just do a peck? Maybe over exaggerate for laughs? There’s always the risk of getting denied in front of 18,000 people and nobody wants that. Well this old couple showed us the way. You know they’ve been together forever, been through hell together and have done and tried it all. Keeping things spicy at this point in their life is all they have left so when they were put up on that Jumbotron and asked to kiss you knew that wasn’t going to cut it. Oh no, this sweet woman knew the only move was to put her titties right on her husbands face. What a woman, what a partner. You know he’d rather have that than a stupid kiss anyways. That’a a giving partner right there folks and is a relationship we should all strive to have one day. They have this thing called love all figured out.

So congrats to these two lovebirds whose passion is clearly still firing on all cylinders and let this serve as an official announcement. Every guy ever caught on kiss cam for the rest of time will be open to this move, so don’t be shy.