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Did Bobby Hurley Think The Ref Drilled Him In The Face With The Ball?

This is peak Bobby Hurley and I can’t love it more. They don’t call him Bobby fucking Hurley for no reason and I’m starting to think this is part of the reason.

What a move this is. Just get absolutely drilled in the face with the ball and then fall to the floor like a sack of potatoes – otherwise known as the Brad Davison. But, just get right back on up and immediately start screaming at the ref.

I almost wonder if Hurley thinks the ref chucked the ball at him. I mean that’s a freakout as if someone is going after you, right?

I’m chalking this up to part of the reason as why Arizona State won – the first time they’ve beaten Arizona since Hurley took over. The Pac-12 is a disaster, but it’s times like this that we can be thankful for late night Pac-12 games with Bill Walton on the mic.

Head on a swivel, Bobby. Head on a swivel.