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Dumbass Olds Are Back At It Again: Idiot Busted For Faking A Fall On Some Ice Like The Old Loser He Is

I’m fucking sick of the olds. They say anyone under 40 is lazy as hell. Just because we are young and spry as hell doesnt mean we are lazy. I know that I am very young and very spry.

Take a look at this guy for example. IDIOT.

I hate this move specifically because it’s low effort. If youre gonna do the ole throw some ice on the ground and slip on it move, you gotta sell it. You gotta be slipping and sliding like you’re god damn Harry and Marv in Kevin’s Chicago playground. You cant toss a few cubes on the ground and gingerly pop a squat like you’re taking a shit in the woods. Go for it. Break your hip. Get critically injured so you can really cash in.

But for god sake. Before you do any of that, make sure there aren’t cameras.