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Fuck Kristaps, This Trade Just Made The Knicks The Most Dangerous Team In The League

First things first. Fuck Kristaps. You don’t unfollow a guy like Clem and think you can get away with it. Second, read Clem’s blog here. 

Third, listen to me. This trade is going to end up okay for the Knicks. Actually, hold on. This trade is going to end up AWESOME for the Knicks.

I repeat. This trade is going to be AWESOME for the Knicks.

I got over it pretty quick after venting on Twitter and sat down and thought about a couple things. First, this is setting up for the Knicks tank. What I mean by that is they just have to finish in the bottom-3,5 of the league and there’s a good chance they end up with Zion. You know Zion, he does things like this:

Boom, that right there is a win. Drafting Zion with the No. 1 pick means we’re in good setting. That’s where we want to be.

Second, this is setting up for an all-in scenario when it comes to Durant, Kyrie, Kawhi and the free agency sweepstakes. There’s a chance the Knicks can move Jordan/Matthews again for even more cap space. There’s a chance they can turn this into something more. There are 2 max spots open.

Oh, also Dennis Smith Jr., is coming off a triple-double and is actually pretty good. People tend to forget he was a top-10 talent (where the Knicks should have just took him over Frankie). He’s still young. You now have a young PG, Zion, Knox, Trier, Robinson and 2 max spots. I’m pretty okay with that!

So I know Knicks fans like me will get freaked out at first, but let’s take a breath. We’ll be okay. SuperTeam will be here soon.