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Do Basketball Bloggers Need Enforcers?


So in case you didn’t know already, a civil war is breaking out between the Basketball Boys. Greenie and Reags are out here taking shots at each other and things are starting to get a little ugly around these parts. It was just some pushing and shoving earlier in the day but then Reags came in and threw the first actual punch of the fight with this blog.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 2.38.18 PM

Now to be fair, they’re both basketball guys. Meaning that the fight right now is nothing more than a little pettiness and a few words being exchanged, considering that’s all basketball drama ever seems to be. There’s no actual physical altercation taking place here, at least not at this very moment. With that being said…I’m starting to think that there should be some.

Think about it. If the hockey bloggers were ever beefing, we wouldn’t resort to just putting up some passive aggressive blogs. We’re hockey guys. And the way that hockey guys settle their problems is by dropping the mitts and chucking some knucks. If Chief is pissing me off, well then there’s about to be a tilt. If I do anything to piss off 610 or Rear Ad well then guess what? I know that a couple fists are coming my way. You drop the gloves, you fight, you settle your beef like a couple of men and you move on from there. That’s the whole point behind the role of an enforcer–you’re not there to fight just to be an asshole. You’re there to fight so you can restore order to the game. It’s all about self-policing. That’s why fighting will always have a place in the game.

For Greenie and Reags? Well I think they just need to stop acting like basketball boys for a moment and become hockey men. Then they can just fight, get it over with and then all the peace will be restored again. Do basketball bloggers need enforcers? You’re damn right they do.

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