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$20 Chef Is Going To Absolutely Murder The Twitter Hack


I witnessed first hand $20 Chef Shaun Latham train for his last fight against Smitty in Rough N’ Rowdy 2. Chef was waking up at the ass crack of dawn to workout, eating a diet that rivaled the strictness of TB12, and getting his face obliterated by fists while doing two-a-days with professional MMA fighters. With all that training, the end result was losing to the Pride of DelCo in a fight that came down to a split decision.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.26.14 AM

Being around Chef this week leading up to his RNR7 fight tomorrow in Atlanta, Latham had a quiet calmness about him that reminded me of Ted Bundy in the new Netflix doc talking about his murder victims. This time around will be different. This time Chef knows what to expect, and has the technical aspect of fighting down. His opponent, Barstool Idol Hack,  has no idea what he’s getting himself into. The only thing that The Hack has going for him is that he’s a Yinzer from Pittsburgh, so he knows how to eat a punch and keep going. The only problem with eating punches is that strategy only works if you’re Homer Simpson. I realize editing played a big part in the video below, but Matt Brown tried the “eating punches” strategy  against Chef, and 100% had to have walked out of the ring concussed. If you gamble, Chef is a mortal lock. Bet everything you have on the Big Homie.

Chef vs. Hack isn’t the only fight I’m excited about. I enjoy any RNR fight where someone who looks like they have absolutely no business being in the ring hops in with an animal. Cue up The Blizzards intro music.

Nothing makes me cringe more than watching a guy go one on one with a camera and completely embarrass themselves. (see Things You Missed.) Hopefully The Blizzard is better at fighting than he is at dressing, and making hype videos. I’m not saying Bocephus is well put together in his country overalls, he just looks like he has been fighting since leaving the womb. If somehow The Blizzard is able make hell freeze over, I need every camera on Bocephus to see his reaction to the loss.

The Pink Pants Professor is another fighter I can’t wait to watch due to the fact that he seems like he is far too intelligent to be fighting. The ring is a place where primal instincts are a massive advantage, not being smart enough to understand the risks of Salmonella in raw eggs. I laughed out loud when the professor coughs up a fistful of Redman while trying to look tough. I’m not giving Pink Pants much of a chance to win, but damnit he is a showman so I’ll be rooting for him.


Nothing says grit like turning a dumpster into a speed bag. I can’t wait for Friday. Buy the fight here.