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Brodie Van Wagenen Put On A Laser Show In The Citi Field Batting Cages

Alright Brodie, I see you! I wasn’t excited for Spring Training, but now I am after seeing this video. Granted, this is usually when my dumb Mets fan brain tricks itself into thinking all the half measure moves the Wilpons allowed their GM to make instead of a monster signing that would have solved some real problems were enough because the alternative is to just be sad about baseball all year. But now Brodie has me getting hyped using his brawn and good looks. Other fanbases may love their nerdy GM from some Ivy League school because he can crunch numbers and build a perennial playoff contender always has a chance to win a World Series. Well our GM can beat your GM up in a home run derby! Sure Brodie’s spray chart are all balls hit directly at the third base coach and even the most minor shift would render him as a bigger auto out than Eric Campbell. But I appreciate him putting his nuts on the table by challenging the other GMs to a Home Run Derby that he would get crushed in by at the very least Billy Beane.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical about Brodie Van Wagenen as a GM because he was an agent, hired by a couple of chuckleheads, and his name. I feel like someone named Brodie is either a 10 or 1 as a person. Throw some fancy last name like Van Wagenen at my common brain and I instinctively think of a dickhead playing tennis in Greenwich with a sweater tied around his neck.

However, I think I am starting to like this guy. He thinks a little outside the box with his moves, attempted to go toe-to-toe with Mike Francesa on the radio, had the balls to say the Mets were the favorites in the NL East even if nobody believes him. Even Brodie’s look checks out.


Yup, that dude fucks. Or at least looks like he does. And as we’ve learned from Kliff Kingsbury, that’s a very important thing when looking for a job. The only real strike against Brodie is that he has cheap fuck owners that refuse to spend like a big market team and you can’t really blame Brodie for that. But videos of him hitting piss missiles and calling out every other GM is a step in making me hate my favorite team less. Or he can sign Harper or Machado today. That would help a lot more. You are also crazy if you don’t think the Wilpons have considered having Brodie as an emergency hitter if another rash of injuries hits like they always seem to instead of paying another player.